Jake Carlson

 Your Keynote Speaker

Engaging and Knowledgeable

Finding a passionate and engaging speaker for your audience is hard. After eleven years speaking and attending conferences, I recognize the importance of a powerful speaker. No one wants a snoozer. Audiences want to be engaged, educated and entertained.

Your organizational goals and your attendee needs are my primary motivation. I spent years perfecting my speaking art through onstage appearances and Toastmasters International.

What You Can Expect

What I do

I speak largely on the attributes of leadership and magnifying the leader in each of us. My podcast produces content based on these topics.

My blog attracts visitors from all over the world and provides many resources for developing leadership skills.

I have over 24,000 subscribers to my blog and through social media.

About Me

Zig Ziglar was a mentor of mine during my most important molding ages. One highlight, as a youth, I went to see him speak in-person and catch his motivational fire. If you asked me, “If you could be anything, what would it be?” I would say a motivational speaker. That passion for speaking continued through Law School and while completing my MBA.

After landing a position as in-house counsel for the Boy Scouts of America National Foundation, I spent 6 years traveling the United States presenting tax strategy to small groups of nonprofit donors, Continuing Legal Education credits to attorneys and CPAS and larger audiences on creating a legacy and making a difference. This was my gateway to doing what I always wanted: public speaking.

Now I devote my career to speaking behind a microphone, still on stage, but also on the Modern Leadership Podcast. Writing, consulting and mentoring are also part of my business.



Confidence is one of the most sought after skills by todays leaders. Confidence in yourself as well as those who work with and for you is key.


One of the most sorely missed attributes from leaders today is accountability. 

Problem Solving

The way in which problems are approached, discussed, and solved can really make an impact.


Are you creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm in your work and life? This attribute is a major game changer.


Environments are changing at a rapid pace in todays world. How adaptable are you? Your reaction to change matters.

Need Another Topic?

Leadership and personal development topics cover many facets. Let me know what your needs are and I will work with you to meet them.